Advancing Wisconsin's Innovation Ecosystem for Startup Founders.


Advocate for Change

WSC's Advocacy Platform supports entrepreneurs and startup founders and improves the early-stage ecosystems.

Build Industry Partnerships

Work alongside industry leaders to grow your operations.

Support Innovation

Work with innovators from across Wisconsin to build a foundation for better startup growth.


Wisconsin lags behind other states in supporting Startup founders when they need help most.

The Wisconsin Startup Coalition will proactively advocate to policy makers on behalf of entrepreneurs to improve the early-stage ecosystem, accelerating the process that takes innovative ideas and empowers them to become Wisconsin businesses.

Vision: Double the number of annual first fundings in Wisconsin in the next 5 years.


“Our own nation was once an innovative startup too, and I deeply appreciate WSC for facilitating productive meetings that serve as a reminder of our past, a point of focus in the present, and a target for a prosperous future of this great community as a whole.”

Houston Hoskins, Co-Founder, Debtle.

I joined the Wisconsin Startup Coalition because I want to continue to improve the startup environment in Wisconsin for entrepreneurs like myself.“

Taralinda Willis, Co-Founder & CEO, Curate

“WSC is helping startups come together and ensuring our voices are heard. We were especially impressed at their intentional actions to include rural Wisconsin and both startups and board members outside of the Milwaukee and Madison hubs...We didn't have the bandwidth to engage directly with our state legislature so WSC is offering a great service when they take that off our plate and set up meetings and events for members.”

Stephanie and Houston Hoskins

"Startup founders have power when we work together. The WSC has created space for us to organize and advocate for ways the community can further support the startup ecosystem."

Amanda DoAmaral, Co-founder & CEO at Fiveable

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